What’s “new” about the “New Church?”

Ah, a very common question, to be sure. Well, it all started just over 200 years ago… the main branches of the Christian church had become corrupt, and one man named Emanuel Swedenborg had written volumes about how Christianity was missing the point. Some readers of Swedenborg realized he was right, and formed a new organization that would strip away the centuries of politics and tradition and get back to what Christianity was supposed to be about: loving God and loving each other. Everything else could be seen as merely a difference of opinion if those two main principles reigned supreme through this new church.

As a result we believe in a positive Christianity, one where we look to the best in ourselves and others while still holding ourselves accountable to a higher standard and taking responsibility for our lives. Nowadays we’re not so much “new” as we are “different.” We still keep the name, and yet make every effort to incorporate the ideals that were instrumental in being “new” over two centuries ago.